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We at Rivercoast Resort, comfort your vacations as unique as your imaginations. Our wooden cottages are specially designed comfort zones where you can discover a new world of peacefulness and enjoy the luxury of being closure to the paradise. The friendliest resort in town offers you all the luxury and comfort with amenities like room service, hot and cold water facility, a restaurant, Wi-Fi, to indulge in the extravagance at the best.
Located on a peninsula facing karli river and Arabian sea at its back, Rivercoast Resort is an elegant destiny undoubtedly, to reside and relax with your family and friends on a one day trip or a long vacation. With perfect destination for sunsets and sunrise, just go down in the lap of nature. The stunning mountain tops, the breezy winds, the hopping trees and the echoing waves of a peninsula, are a blessing and a unique experience of tranquility and peace.